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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

To vote or not to vote. That should not be the question.

I voted.
I've done it before.  Since the 60's I have gone to the polls.  Each time I thought I was right in my vote.  My vote counted, I believed. 
I figured I'd get out early and be first in line.  Leaving the house at 6:30 I was confident it would be an in and out thing at 7.  I had to hunt for a parking space along the side of the road since the lot was maxed out.  I entered the building behind several others and ended up at the tail end of a line stretched along the winding halls.
There have been longer lines in the past.  My mother and I shuffled along behind hundreds waiting to vote in the 2012 election.  She was sick but determined to get her vote in.  I found a chair and moved it with each incremental move so she could rest during our 2 hour wait to enter the voting booth.  At the booth she was told she could have stopped at the curb and pushed a buzzer for a ballot to be brought out to the car for her.  She didn't care about the wait because she  it was her duty to vote for the candidate of her choice.  Well, this line was not such a grinding wait as that one but it was long enough.  We shall see what the country decides.  According to the news media it is in the bag.  We shall see. I believe it is in the hands of God. This means that I must support the winner. 
My only thought now is that everyone should vote though I know some who do not participate in the process. I don't understand that.
Everyone please vote today.

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