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Friday, September 30, 2011


I've wanted for a long time to be retired. I took that chance in March of this year. I have had no regrets. I have found this to be the most enjoyable part of my life. I'm not traveling or partying or any of the other things most folks seem to see in their after work years. I'm simply enjoying the time of relaxation. It's a time to slow down and look around to see what it has been all about.
I spend time with my two dogs who enjoy just running out into the yard to inspect their surroundings with the off chance they can chase a squirrel up a tree. They enjoy the game of fetch. I throw the ball they run after it, catch it, drop it and I go fetch it. Their's is the simple enjoyment of lying in the dirt and surveying their domain which includes a small area fenced in on all sides. Contracters over the back fence fill the air with the noise of hammer and saw followed by curses which Robin and Nakita enhance with their warning barks. Robin's higer pitched barks deliverd in a staccato manner. Nakita's deeper barks reverberate in a slow deliberate warning. They warn those who might venture toward the fence that they should stay their distance. The neighbor to the right has a few chickens scratching the earth in search of worms. Both Robin and Nakita rush the fence to scatter them in a cacophony of squawks. It's their favorite thing to chase them as well as the occasional cat that wanders across the yard. The cats slink across the yard in an attempt to slip past without notice. Though silent and stealthy they must give off a trace of "fearamones" because these dogs race from the back of the yard to the edge of the fence in seconds warning barks trailing their progress. It's a wonder the fence is not bent when they skid to a stop a bare inch from it.
It's a joy to watch as they simply enjoy the life alloted to them. They have no need of money or trips or extravagant life styles. They have simple pleasures which they repeat on a daily basis. There is no thought of tomorrow or yesterday. There is only this moment. They make the most of it.

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