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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ding dong bell

Where'd the water go?
Well I don't know.
It's deep and dark down there
Don't go. What do you care?
But there must be something down below.
Otherwise the words won't show.
Words are water, clear and bright.
Crystal, cool and out of sight.
Perhaps I'll drop into the dark
Find the line, make my mark.
The rope drops deep into the earth
Long way down for what it's worth.
I've no desire to quench the fire
With water from the deepest mire.
Into the cavern I'll descend
Unknown when I'll come out again.
The water's dark and deep
And promises to keep
In wood or well
Jees what the hell.
Deep into the mind with lantern lit
The ore is gone, we've but a pit.
Where are the words?Where's the water?
Nothing here but crumbling mortar.
There is no bottom in my descent
Surface with the water went.
Where do I stand in this deep hole?
With no foothold for my sole.
I cannot find the ties that bind
The worms, upon it, they have dined.
There are bones encrusted here
Loved and not so dear.
They are within the circular wall
Enveloping me in my fall.
A long drop on a slender rope
Held fast above in dwindling hope.
Is there a bottom in this round?
In this grave I've suddenly found?
There is no light at the end of this tunnel
Just a never ending downward funnel.
Will the rope ending prove too short
And I no longer have support
To follow Alice in her fall
Destination unknown to all?
Is this not a well but a rabbit hole?
Is there water down below?
I should return to the light above.
But it's the journey itself I should love.
No words I find, the well gone dry.
So there's no water with which to cry.
There's Alice. She's floating there.
How can that be? It's no fair.
She's finished her downward plunge
Will mine my life expunge?
I search for words. I search for water.
INto the well deeper than I oughta.
There is no end I'm dropping fast.
Answer me! How long will it last?
This the bottom? Not it's not.
Just a crumbling bit of rot.
The walls are wet and slick with goo
Only memories, but of who?
Is there happiness in the dark and dank
In this crumbling shaft I sank?
There is no end. I've discovered that.
No end below, no light above.
Where is the wonder of life and love?
gone with the toll of bell
heard even here in this waterless well.
It tolls for thee
It's too deep for me.
I must escape from this depth.
Before in sorrow I am swept
into the darkness of the soul
With no outlet, only to stroll
in the depth of a lightless grave.
The rope I hold, can it save?
Surely the journey is almost at an end?
The rope is longer the more I descend.
I never thought it'd reach so far.
The water's missing there's only tar.
A fit end in the depth of soil.
In future years to be but oil.

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