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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fight the dread disease.

I have to join my friend, Doug FROM THE LAND OF PALM TREES, in requesting your vote for Roper St Francis to recieve this funding for the patients suffering this horrible disease in all its manifestations. Please take a moment to vote. Thank you.

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care is a community, non-profit hospital-based cancer center accredited by the Commission on Cancer. We serve approximately 2000 newly diagnosed patients each year and strive to provide excellent care to our cancer patients and their caregivers. Our multi-disciplinary support team collaborates to assist in meeting the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of those we serve. Recognizing the broad continuum of needs for this population, we have a vision of expanding and developing more comprehensive oncology support services. With funding from the LIVESTRONG grant, Roper St Francis Cancer Care will have the opportunity to pursue such expansion and enhance the quality of care for our patients and their loved ones. We are a community healthcare system with a community focus. We have the desire to meet people at their point of need and to empower them as they journey through cancer.

Your vote will determine where LIVESTRONG community impact resources go.
Cast your vote to bring Pillars4Life to Roper St. Francis Healthcare by clicking the "VOTE NOW" button.
Or, to see other qualified organizations in the region who have also applied for this program, click here.

If that clicker note doesn't work try this:

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