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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's an ongoing process

My good buddy Doug who writes the blog FROM THE LAND OF PALM TREES has given me some advice on how to spruce up the looks of a blog.  I recommend his daily thoughts for all those interested in the coastal town of Charleston, SC.  His writing often finds its way to food and the local restaurants not to mention his own special brand of cooking on the grill in the lazy afternoons here in the land of southern hospitality.  He came here from further north several years ago and has planted roots so that his grandchildren will be considered Southerners.  It's a well known fact that only descendants of those who fought in the Revolutionary War are true Southerners.  Neither am I a Southerner when that is the qualifier since I didn't come upon these shores until 62 years ago.  Not to mention the fact that I came form the "enemy" camp of that long ago war.  So Dougy and I are only Southern wannabes in the eyes of the South of Broaders, but that's fine because in my mind and in Doug's mind we are Southern to the core, me especially since I was born in Southern England.  Just a bit of one upmanship there my friend.
   I don't know that this will provide any new readership for my buddy's blog since there are no readers of this one but here is one fan who will continue to click on and read.  With this short entry I bid adieu FROM THE LAND OF PALM TREES and come to this quiet corner with my boring thoughts, but then MAYBE I'M WRONG.....

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  1. Your blog, almost as good as sharing a morning cup of coffee with you.