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Friday, January 4, 2013

That's it?

Heckfire! I ran out of dogfood last night. As I tipped the 30 pound bag of dry kibble to allow thae last few pieces along with the crumble dust Robin was looking up at me with expectant eys and her tail wagging. I winced as the last dry morsel clinked into her bowl. It was only half the amount usually lining that bowl. Her bright expectant eyes brought on a wave of guilt because I was supposed to go to the store yesterday but just lay about since it was inclimate weather beyond the door. When I put her bowl on the floor she zoomed over and sniffed then looked at me. I detected a tinge of sadness in those deep brown eyes. Accusatory? No, she's too loving a dog to see me in a bad light. It may have been a simple trip within of the guilty kind since I was the lazy layabout. "You could stand to lose some weight, girl," I said while munching a cookie and loosening my belt another notch. The season just past added a few pounds to this breadbasket I toted around lately. She wagged her tail and bent over her bowl commencing the crunching of her supper offering. Nakita accepted her dish with a wary look. She sniffed it, turned away and lay across the room her eyes locked on that plate with what could be interpreted as disbelief. Each nght, no matter what is placed before her, brings on the look of concern in those small expressive eyes. If she were human I would swear she was considering the offering as worth her effort to eat compared to the pounds it may place upon her sizable frame. She will stare for a while. Then with what appears to be a shrug will haul herself up and lumber over to the dish and methodically take portions into her mouth and munch crunch with deliberation through the dry food bits. Meawhile Robin having finished her portion would begin her "I need to go out" dance. Round and round with expectant eyes latched onto mine she will bounce to the door and back nervously looking through the glass door then back at me. Her nervous energy thrums through the air until I open that door and she is gone, a puff of smoke where she had been standing. Her barks alert the world she is out and determined to add to the soil in the back yard. Nakita when she hears Robin's announcement to the outside world begins to fidget while munching. When I return to the back door to check if Robin wants back in Nakita is shoving me to the side, ears high and alert, to bolt through the opening. Robin usually comes right in and Nakita regally prances out into the grass surveying her domain. Normally a bark deep within emerges from her throat to ward off any unsuspecting trespassers. Standing solidly she will turn her head one hundred and eighty degrees. The deliberation of her movement could almost be a ceremony of announcement to an unwary world that she is here and had best not be interrupted. Satisfied that she is alone she then dispatches her business and prances back to the door. I always know she is there because she throws her body against it with a majestic slam heard in three counties. It's a ritual and I failed to provide the proper portion to give it meaning. No matter that both dishes have to be covered for the night due to half their portion remaining, I still harbour guilt due to the accusatory looks I imagine coming from their beautiful brown eyes.

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