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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl cancelled?

"Got chips?"
"Got barbecue?"
"Pork or beef?"
"Got pizzas?"
"On the way, pizza delivery."
"Got beer?"
"Do I got beer? See that keg? See those coolers?"
"Those barrels lining the far wall? And those stainless steel monstrosities? Are those refrigerators?"
"Yep. All of 'em packed with beer."
"How many people are you expecting?"
"My screen is the biggest in the neighborhood so everybody."
"Sure you got enough food?"
"See the tables? All of them have the middle leaf installed. The food trays will be ready well before the pre-pre-pre-game show."
"I think you may be ready."
"Did you hear that?"
"That boom?"
"Probably nothing. Car back fire in the next neighborhood maybe."
"Whoa! That's quite a wind rattling the windows. Maybe a sonic boom from a low flying jet."
"Honey! The lights just went off. Can you check the fuse box?"
"What? The hell you say!"
"Yeah, the kitchen light just blew and the stove isn't working."
"Alright, don't panic I'll check it out. Bring the flashlight, will ya buddy."
"Hmmm. The breaker is down. Maybe I got one refrigerator too many."
"Could be the stove, fridge, kegs and 72 inch screen are over suckin' too much power."
"There. That should do it."
"Nope. Still no power."
"Let's go next door. See if Hank has power."
"You know it's awful quiet out here."
"Looks like rain headed this way. Look over to the North there."
"Yeah, mighty dark cloud approaching."
"Hey, Hank. Did your electricity go off?"
"Yeah, it did. Tried to call the power company but no answer."
"Well, it is Sunday."
"True but they do have a computer that tells you if there is a problem and how long it will be before it's solved."
"Wonder why those jets are so high?"
"Those aren't jets. They look more like rockets."
"Which way are they headed?"
"Looks like they are going east."
"Wonder what the heck is going on?"
"Still got that portable that runs on batteries?"
"Yeah, Lemme get it."
"Hey my iPhone isn't working."
"It must be serious. Wait, are you Verizon or AT&T?"
"AT&T. Why?"
"That could be your problem. Not known for their dependability."
"Hey I found it. Got some batteries?"
"Better get that dust off first."
"Tune to CONELRAD."
"Huh? What the hell's that?"
"Don't they still have CONELRAD?"
"Man you must be from the 50's or something."
"Well turn to CNN."
"Hell, cable must be out. This thing is useless if it is. All the stations are HD now so this old thing won't pick up anything."
"How the hell are we going to watch the game if cable's out?"
"Probably won't be a game if those were missiles. Might be some kind of emergency. Then the game would be called off."
"No way. Super Bowl number 46? It's a tradition! It's a holiday! It's un-American to calloff the Super Bowl!"
"If that boom earlier was an attack or something I think it would out way Super Bowl."
"You're wrong! No way they're gonna call off the biggest game of the year especially the amount of money those people spent on commercials."
"Yeah, but if the country can't see 'em..."
"Whattaya mean? You think this is more than just the neighborhood?"
"It's possible. Could be the country is under attack. Those Iraynees have been threatenin' for aa while. They got the bomb by now since our prez let 'em. They got missiles too. You seen that article about them putting a satellite into orbit?"
"Huh? When'd that happen?"
"I don't know. Coupla weeks ago?"
"So they picked Super Bowl Sunday to attack?"
"Well, I don't know. Just offering the worst case scenario."
"Maybe we better join up?"
"Let's wait til after the game."
"I'm sayin' there might not be a game."
"Call up the prez and tell him to fire a few nukes over there. That should take care of them. "Then we can have the evening free to watch the game."
"I don't know. If they do that the prez will be interrupting the game to tell us what's going on."
"If he want's to get back into office he knows better than interrupt the Super Bowl. Mitt would have him on a platter if he done that."
"Yeah, Mitt's gonna kick his butt."
"You don't know that for sure. If there's a war we won't want to change horses mid stream."
"What the hell you talking about. Ain't no horses around. Sometimes I think you're buried in the 50's. This is the twenty-first century now. We are so much beyond horses."
"NO, what I'm trying to say..."
"Hey, quiet. The radio still works. Let's find a news station."
"Music. Music. Rap, I hate rap. Music. 50's. Hey here's something you can feel at home with. Rush. He's just too smart for me. I get confused by his innalekchul talk. Here we are."
"We know now that in the early years of the twentieth century this world was being watched closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own..."
"Oh turn it. Get some news."
"All I get is music and talk show. Let's go back."
"We interrupt this music to bring you a special bulletin. It is reported that at 8:50 a huge flaming object, believed to be a meeorite, fell on a farm in the neighborhood of Grovers Mill, New Jersey, twenty-two miles from Trenton."
"Oh, who cares?"
"Wait, listen."
"Why are you listening to that bunk. We don't care about meteors in yankee land."
"...I can see peering out of that black hole two luminous discs....are they eyes?"
"What the hell?"
"Good heavens, something's wriggling out of the shadow like a gray snake...."
"They said there were metal cylinders with these critters coming out. It's more than Iraynees it''s...MARTIANS!"
"What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?"
"Can't it wait til after the game?"
"Ain't gonna be no game it there's Martians!"
"HEY! HEY! Slow down. It's a radio broadcast from 1938. You tuned in to Old Time Radio. Haven't you heard about Orson Welles and his Halloween broadcast?"
"Good thing You got a guy caught up in the 50's. Ain't it? Call the power company again, Hank."
"OK. Thank you. Hey Guys. It's alright. A squirrel go caught up in a relay station and shorted out the entire region."
"They gonna get it fixed before the game?"
"They got eight trucks out. All eight guys will be back in their living rooms watching the game with us he assured me."
"Well we coulda flattend those Iraynees by five anyway. Games not on til six or so."
"Yeah, but all that pregame stuff.. We'da missed it."
True enough. Let's go get a beer."
"It's only eight AM."
Yeah, but it's Super Bowl Sunday."
"True Enough."

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