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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who drew first?

They sat on my hips. Two weapons of carnage. Their silver barrels decorated with ornate patterns. Their handles of pearl shown white against the brown leather holding them close to my side. They were held firmly in place but not so firmly they couldn't be whipped free in a second. It happened rarely but when it was time to slap leather I cleared it quickly with a blast and spit of fire that left many lying in the dirt. I was paying for that now.
They were after me, hot on my trail. Their efforts had lead me here in this cavern. The opening was high and wide leading into the darkness in the back. I was standing to the side of the opening into that darkness hidden from the ones who had chased me in. My Colts were in my hands in preparation for the rush.
Beyond the opening I could see movement. From tree to tree they ran for cover, coming closer. I leaned out from my protection and blasted away. My shots went wild cracking into trees and ricocheting off rocks. Their approach was steady. My doom was nigh.
"Come out, waco. We got you surrounded."
I recognized the voice. It was Leroy the kid. His gun was as fast as mine. He had been trying to force my hand for months. I had ignored him. My only shots at him had been oral. His response was growing hatred.
"You don't have a chance so it's time to step out and face me like a man!"
"Yeah, you can't beat me any other way, Leroy!" I shouted. "You and your buddies ganging up on me. You'd never stand alone man to man."
"You are wrong, Waco. I'll stand alone face to face. Come out now and we can do this like real men."
"I don't trust you, Kid. Your gang will cut me down the minute I show my face."
"No they won't. You heard me boys, stand down. Me and Waco are gonna have it out here and now."
His goons answered his request by shouting out, "You got it Kid. We'll let both of you face down."
"And who's to say they won't blast me the minute I put a slug through your black heart, Kid?" I shouted out from behind my wall.
"If Waco wins this throw down, then you boys gotta let him go," shouted the Kid.
"That's fine with us!" they shouted back.
"Hahahah! Looks like your boys don't care too much about your life," I laughed.
"I think thy're hankerin' to have lunch and they are getting tired of our little feud. So come on out, Waco. Let's get it over with."
My out fit blended into the dark of the cavern. I pulled my hat down over my eyes to shield them from the sun. Adjusting my dual Colts I stepped into the sunlight. "Alright, Kid. It's finally come to this. Back up and give me some room."
Leroy the Kid back up several paces. He hitched his six shooter with a quick movement of his hands to settle it at his side. Planting his bowed legs firmly, he watched me mozy to my spot ten paces from him. Facing him I held my hands just above the butt of my guns.
"When you're ready, draw!" I said.
"I can't draw until you draw!" he shouted at me.
"Well, somebody's got to draw first."
"It ain't gonna be me."
"It ain't gonna be me neither," I said back.
"Oh come on!" Shouted one of the Kid's gang. "My mom's already called once for me to come home. You gotta stop thinking about the good guy code and draw."
"He's right," said the Kid. "I heard my ma too. If I don't show up soon, I'll get a whoopin'."
"Yeah? Ya ma gonna give you a whippin'? Better draw then so's you can git home to ya ma."
"You can't be draggin' my ma into this!"
"Oh yeah?" My mother was at work. If I wanted lunch I made it myself. She left the peanut butter and jelly within reach along with the bread right there on the kitchen table. I didn't even have to eat a lunch if I didn't wanna.
'So draw, Kid. If you don't your ma's gonna whip your butt. She'll probably make you pick the switch to do it. So draw!"
"You quit talkin' 'bout my ma!" Shouted the Kid. I saw his hand quivering right above his iron.
"Your ma's gonna whip your butt, hahahahahahahah!"
It was too much. Down went his hand for his gun. Up it came blasting. Mine was out of leather and into the air as I dropped to my knee. "Blam! Blam! Blam!" The caps rolled up popping with each pull of the trigger. "I got you! You're dead!" I screamed at the standing Kid.
"Nuh uh! You missed a mile."
"You never hit me 'cause I dropped to my knee and you were aiming at thin air. My shots rang true. You're deader than a mackeral."
"You tricked me."
"You drew first. You're the bad guy and bad guys always get what's coming to them," I stated. It was the code of the kid's west. Whoever drew first was the bad guy. He was always the one drilled for his treachery.
"I'm the good guy. I win!"
"How can you be the good guy dressed in black?"
"I'm Hoppy playing the part of Waco to draw you out into the light of day. So you're the bad guy and you're dead!"
"Yeah, black from head to toe with a heart of pure gold and a head for pure justice. Me and my hoss Topper ride the west searching out evil doers to bring them to justice. You just got yours."
"I gotta go, Rickey. That's the third time my momma's called out. I'll get you next time."
"I don't think so Leroy!" I laughed as he beat his retreat. I watched him run across the street and into his house. The screen door slammed behind him. "Don't slam that door!" I heard come from his house.
I turned and mozied up the steps. I had a jar of Peter Pan waiting for me along with a glass of Welch's grape jelly. One more sandwich and a washup would provide me with another jelly glass sporting my favorite cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, painted on the side.

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