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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

They were told there would be cake...

Sixty-six years on planet Earth. That's my accomplishment this particular rainy day. I decided to celebrate by taking a cake into the hospital for all my old friends at work. And for me? I placed a letter on the manager's desk asking to be taken off the roles of the PRN workers meaning all ties with my job are now severed. I'm retired completely. I like the feeling.
Dougy had the coffee brewing when I arrived. A few packets of Cremora in a cup sloshed down with his dark brew which he says, "I won't have a cup, Rickey. I'm down to one a day now."
I wouldn't expect him to drink a cup after a night shift. He has to sleep. Coffee would have been the wrong thing for a long winter's nap.
Saw the Scottman while there. He came in to head up the OR. His day began bright and early. Doug's was almost over. We sat waiting for his relief. Trey came mozying in while I typed out my letter of resignation. He is now living in my neck of the woods in the beautiful subdivision of Riverland Terrace. I know he will be happy there.
Lisa was there early and sliced into the cake. She wanted to get a head start because the dish needed cleaning in the near future. It's always been her wont to wash the dish. I think it's because she can get the last piece of cake before the dish is empty.
Anniefe was there. She had recently returned from down town. She looked happy to be back.
I let Gen know there as cake in the wreck room so she wouldn't miss out this time.
I found an envelope for my letter. Into it I placed my badge and keys, keys I'd had for fourteen years. It just occurred to me how many years the hospital has been West of the Ashley.
Personally, I preferred the old building on Rutledge Ave. We had the best view in Charleston. In moments of total frustration, boiling the blood through the top of the skull, we could go stand at the window and gaze over the Ashley River and its boundaries of marsh to the east. Or we could look to our left and see the Cooper River joining the Ashley River to make the Atlantic Ocean. Peace would settle. We could turn back into the fray with renewed vigor. Plus, going to work was a ten minute ride in the morning, whereas now, it is thirty or more minutes to arrive.
All that is of no consequence now. I am free. When in the PRN Pool I always felt a nagging obligation to go in, though the last time I did was June of last year. That nagging feeling is gone now. Maybe I'll finally settle down to painting. Maybe. We'll see.

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  1. Welcome to the wacky world of truly retired. Do what YOU want, when you want.

    Stay up late? Sleep in.Finish that book you're reading or just doze off. Try both. You'll find your place later.

    Stay healthy and have fun.