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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where are the Trick or Treaters?

Halloween has skipped past again. The spooks and goblins failed to knock on this door for the 5th year in a row. It could be because no kids live around here. WEll, that isn't true since new families have moved in recently. They have kids, but they never showed up. One of the houses seemed more festive that night so I figure they had a Halloween party and decided against knocking on doors.
I don't think Nakita's standing on the couch enveloping the entire expanse of the picture window looking like a humongous Werewolf had any deterrent value whatsoever. That broad head and the furry triangular ears near the top of the window couldn't possibly frighten little sticky fingered treat seekers. Not even the reddish eyes above ivory teeth slippery with drool should have altered their little dreams of sugary highs. The hulking body outlined in the living room light proppped on size 9 feet atop the window ledge shouldn't project the harbinger of fear upon tiny tykes wielding bags with suckers and licorice sticks, should it?
Naah, I'm sure they just settled on enjoying a party at the house down the street.
Nakita is playng with her food again. Let me go take it away from her. Children shouldn't squeal so loudly when it's play time.

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