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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To Di for....

Wow.  Waiting for an appliance guy to come look at a broken down WH is long and drawn out ain't it?  His schedule had to match with mine first of all.  Then there is the window given for his arrival.  It's given me time to clean up half the house.  Maybe I should be thankful for the long wait.  I got to clean, whereas, otherwise I probably would have left it for another day like so many other things in retirement.
  So cleaning means getting hot and sweaty on a warm humid day such as today.  Then after the guy gets here and  makes an estimate he will make another appointment to deliver and install the new WH.  Another day gone away.  But at least then I will have the benefit of a shower in other than frigid water.
  I know Prince Charles had to shower under ice cold water when he was young and in school.  He could stand to endure a little hardship seeing as he has enough wealth to buy the island of Great Britain.  Plus he's ugly and he was married to a Princess.  The Princess!  Di.  It's no wonder the population of England doesn't want him on the throne.  He hasn't the sense God gave a common pond frog.  Then to marry ole horse face was a corroboration of his intelligence.  Princess Di for goodness sake.  What guy in his right mind wouldn't have loved to....   Uh, I got carried away.
  Yup, I'm still waiting.  Maybe before sundown which comes earlier due to DST.  Any number of things to aggravate one.  Hope you have a good day.  Mine is going loverly thus far.  Princess Di for heaven's sake.

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