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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cauliflower fear

It's a cold and windy morning, not to be confused with a dark and stormy night which is the opening line for a terrible novel written by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton. But I digress. Every other weekend my son comes over to visit. This is the other one. I'm thinking he stayed up late. Time marches on and I'm here tapping away at my keyboard. It's a nice keyboard that accompanies my iPad. Actually it didn't accompany my iPad, I had to buy it extra but it is a fine addition and makes typing so much easier that touching the screen which can careen about from vertical to horizontal at the switch of position. Yet again I digress.
Where was I? Oh. It's NaNoWriMo! Whoops. I wrote about that yesterday. Which reminds me, did Garth...dang it...Gabe have the money? Did Joe P. beat the living cr...uh, sorry, I do wonder about that though. Where in the world of my mind is the answer to that question? But I digress.
Now where was I? Oh yeah, it is a cold and blustery morning, not to be...I sneezed! It upset Robin and she jumped up overturning her bowl of food nuggets...I'm not sure how that happened...which I had to stop and pick up. So where was I?
He stared at the cauliflower ear approaching him. Joe smacked his left hand with a ham fist. The sound echoed off the brick walls at the alley's end. "So, you ain't got the money, eh Gabriel? Then I guess I have to muss you up some. The boss don't like I don't muss you up some if you ain't got the money. And you say you ain't got the money? Right?"
Sweat popped out on Gabe's forehead. He loosened his tie. "Listen Joe, I don't got it now but..."
"Uh uh. No excuses. No promises."
"But, I was going to say, I can get it and more but I gotta have some time."
"That's a laugh, Gabriel. Da boss done gave you two weeks 'cause he likes ya, but he likes scratch more."
"Yeah, sorry. I dropped into hoodlum parlance. Let's try it again. That's a laugh, Gabriel. Da boss done gave you extra time 'cause he likes ya, but he likes scra..., uh, money more."
"Oh. Yeah, I can see that, but you can't get scratch from a stone."
"What? you got scratched by a stone? What...? You mean those bricks in the wall I shoved you up against done scratched you?"
"Uh, no. I was just trying to get into character too. What I should have said was, I ain't got no money and you can't wring it out of a stone."
"You makin' fun of me, Gabriel? On account o' I got ringin' in da ears? Bein' in da ring for twelve years don't come witout a price. I been answering phones now for a couple a dem years when dey ain't ringin'. You know how hard it is to have to stop at every phone boot 'cause of that answering compulsion? Don' be makin' fun or I won' just muss you up. I'll buss you up.'
"No. No. I'm not... Oh, come on let's just start all over."
"Well, I don't know 'bout dat Gabriel. I'm a little confused now."
"Tell ya what Joe. Let's go get a cup a coffee and talk about the old days."
"I don't tink da boss would like..."
"Look, we're both trying to give the boss what he wants. Right?"
"Right, but..."
"No buts Joe. Let's go get a cuppa joe."
"Hey, don't be makin' fun..."
"What's a little fun between pals eh?"
With that they walked out of the alley and into Danny's.
"Two cups of coffee, Danny. I'm buyin'."
"Thought you don' got no money?" asked Joe clenching his fist. Something didn't go right here but he wasn't sure... Some coffee. "And a slice of apple pie there Danny. I'm a might peckish."

Uh, I think maybe I better leave those two guys to reminisce about the old days while I close up this entry. I guess my boy won't be getting here any time soon. Maybe I'll go read.


  1. Hey!!! Hey!!! Are you there??? I CAN'T SEE YOU!!! Am I on camera??? HuH??? HuH??? Good blog!! Should I should speak into microphone or just talk louder...CAN YOU HEAR ME????? Just Kidding!!!! ML