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Monday, November 7, 2011

Secret ingredient?

This DST is a butt kicker. Going by the clock for the next few days will cause me to go to bed later and wake at the same time though the clock's face is different. Probably the coffee consumption will increase for a week or so before my body accepts the new time without thinking "what the real time is." That's the experience of looking at the clock and measuring what the body thinks the time is opposed to what the eyes show you. It takes a while for me to adjust.
Today is the day I pick up my bike from Mike's. It's a Giant Via 1. I haven't ridden a bicycle in 40 years. I decided I need to add excercise to my repertoire. Well, I just need to do something to get my blood moving on occasion. Anyway, I felt comfortable on my last bike of 40 years ago, a Raleigh 3 speed and this was the closest thing I could find to it.
It'll be an adventure. And speaking of adventures I think I hear a part 4 to the continuing story coming forward....chock full of cliches and weary story lines....

"Whereas in silks my Julia goes, Then, then (methinks) how sweetly flows, that liquefaction of her clothes." It was the first line of Robert Herrick's poem that came to mind as Julia, and it happened her name was Julia, approached from the alley across the street. His mind drifted at such times as he saw her. It never occurred to ask what she had been doing in that alley. Others would have thought the worst when she dressed as she did on this occasion.
Silks were her favorite. The royal blue accentuated the ice blue eyes that bored through a man. Her crimson lips beckoned even the toughest whom she could bend to her every whim. Hair of the deepest chestnut, almost black, cascaded over her shoulders in thick voluminous curls. Her face was the smoothest porcelain with the chill of alabaster. His eyes traveled down the tightly wrapped figure that moved with an elegance never matched by any other woman he had known. He was captivated. If she asked, he fell over himself to make it happen. When in her presence he was owned body and soul. Mostly soul since she would not comply with his carnal desires.
She commanded with her eyes. He obeyed with his life. She was perfectly content with the arrangement. He never thought. He just complied.
"Hello, Julia," he said as she approached.
"It's Miss Stern," she said. Ice crackled in the words. "Have you seen that Palooka guy?"
"yeah. He was here earlier with Gabe. I never would have taken them to be such good friends."
"What? Where'd they go?" she slid into a booth signalling to the man behind the counter.
Perplexed, Sam asked, "Huh? You want me to find him for you? I'd be happy to find him."
Joe, who bought Danny's, showed up with pad and pencil ready to take a pancake order. "Pancakes?" he asked.
"Danny, how many times have I told you no Pancakes?" Fire emerged through the eyes of ice.
"Uh, it's Joe. I tell you that every time too."
"Then why is the place still called Danny's?"
It was a continual topic. Joe heard the same thing from everyone coming in. It was adding to his slowly simmering anger.
"Whadaya want?" rasped Joe. She told him coffee and dismissed him with a flick of her hair.
Turning to Sam, who was completely overwhelmed by her perfume a pleasant fragrance that hinted at roses, she smiled and spoke slowly. It was honey in the air to Sam. He heard the tones but not the words. As he sat like a puppy entranced her face slowly changed from a warm loving facade to the darkness of an approaching storm. Sam didn't notice simply being happy in her nearness.
Julia's mind raced through such rapid changes in emotion. It happened to her all the time. Men just fell over themselves to be close. They were so stupid, she thought. She had learned at an early age how easily men could be manipulated. It was complete instinct when very young. The instinct grew to complete understanding after she had grown into the beauty she saw in the mirror each morning. A smile crept over her face. She'd found out what boys wanted in the 8th grade. When they had studied the topic of slavery she had understood. It took so little to enslave these weak minded idiots. She honed her skills over the years. A twitch of an eyebrow could open doors for her that remained closed to anyone else. Julia, Julia how simple the world was. Men ruled it. She, and any woman of physical beauty and exceptional inteligence, ruled them, whether they knew it or not. Simplicity itself.
But right now she needed Joe Palooka to tell her about Gabe. It had been a simple request of a simple mind in a powerhouse frame. Just a little punch or two here and there. Get the money or break something. That was all she had asked. So why was he still walking?
"I want you to find Palooka and get him back here to me. Do you understand?" The words were solid ice fracturing Sam's reveree. He sat bolt upright.
"Get out there now. Don't come back without him," she leaned into the corner of the booth. Joe sidled up to the table and slipped the coffee cup onto the table. She pulled it to her inhaling the aroma. Joe had added his secret flavoring as before for Gabe and Joe. She smiled at him then sipped the hot brew. "Nice," she said to Joe. He smiled, his eyes darker than before.
Sam ran out the door. He hesitated on the sidewalk looking in all directions. One way as good as another he set out to accomplish Julia's wish. Julia settled into the booth and sipped her coffee. Her smile a knowing comment men.

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