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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Now I need a cover...

On another subject:  the Kindle.
  I've ordered a Kindle from Amazon.  I had balked at such a device for years.  It took the lowering of the price with the new Kindle offerings that made me reconsider.  My house is covered in books.  Every level surface has a stack or three piled to teetering levels.  Just brushing one of these stacks while passing could bring on a scattering of paperbacks and hardbacks over the entire room.  The domino theory lives in my stacks.  Not to mention the presence of so much paper.  It could be considered a fire hazard.  The need for more book shelves is more than evident.  Accomplishing that would, however, open up those level surfaces for more books.  So you see the dilemma.
  To carry the equivalent of that library around in a single device would be a boon, a convenience of great magnitude to a bibliophile.
  One of the reasons not to make the purchase for so long was it's presence as a board in the hand.  The feel of a real book is a pleasure.  The space it inhabits gives a sense of volume and promise only that weight and feel can convey.  Just the fact of pages to be turned enhances the reading.  The feel of paper between the fingers and the fragrance of the stirred air upon the turning of said pages evoke two of the senses as a part of the pleasure of reading.  A book is a wondrous companion.
  I will always prefer the presence of an actual book ,yet, the convenience of a Kindle will provide another kind of experience that will bring its own pleasures I'm sure.  Convenience is a major selling point.  A bookstore right in one's hand with the ability to browse the shelves in one's own easy chair.  Amazon gives the opportunity to read the first chapter which is part of the searching enjoyment.  Find one you particularly like?  Download it in 60 seconds and it is yours to read in toto.  A book browse at your finger tips, what more could the book lover ask?
  So the possibility of having 30, 000 books in the palm of your hand is a modern wonder, don't you think?  Of course you do.  So I succumbed.  My new Kindle will be coming by the end of the month.  I'm a little excited.

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