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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shhh, we're hunting wabbits....

I'm goin' shootin' today.
My son invited me along with him and his friends to pop away at targets. His friend has an assortment of weapons from which to choose.
Way far away on 17 there is an open range with a covered area facing a wide open slice of land with numerous targets at its end. With a choice of rifle or handgun we can point and aim sending high powered destruction to any number of things at the far end. The targets range from cardboard boxes to empty propane bottles. I saw a couple of mannikins last time I was invited along.
I'm curious to see what firearms will be on the table this time. There were two that I enjoyed shootin' on that trip. A shot gun, which obliterated any target hit, and an English field rifle, which had a hell of a kick, provided some well needed relief to pent up energy. I would hate to call that energy anger but it was cathartic imagining those targets to be..., uh, well, let's say to pour that much energy into a tiny piece of lead impacting a solid bit of matter a few yards away had a satisfying effect. That was back before I was retired. I don't have so much anger buried in this short fat frame now. I wonder if it will be that calming of an experience since leaving the job behind.
No matter. A chance to spend some time with my son is always a day that is enjoyable.

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