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Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's a mystery...

You know what I don't understand?  Besides women.  How Herman Cain's popularity has dropped since some allegations of inappropriate sex advances have come up.  It only surfaced when his popularity began to pass that of the other GOP hopefuls.  Have the reports actually been true?  Have these women brought forth evidence or witnesses to corroborate these accusations?  Or have they now begun to fade into the background since his reputation has been besmirched?
  Remember Bill Clinton?  His campaign trail was littered with women who were not only approached but fell under him smiling in eager anticipation.  He was quite the rake while governor, while running for president and while in the White House.  Should we play the race card with this?  After all, it was fine for our gray-haired red nosed Good old boy Clinton.  He's revered now!
  That I thought had to be mentioned, but it doesn't answer the question.  Why was this brought up now?  Who found these women who thought it absolutely necessary to come out in the press?  It seems so suspicious to me.  The mystery hangs.  Was it the GOP boys who were jealous of his ascendancy?  Or was it the Jackasses, sorry Donkeys, who were afraid Cain could knock their sad choice out of the presidency?  It makes me wonder.  Does it make you wonder?
  One more thing.  Why would the women who supported Cain before not support him now?  Did they support Clinton after his high school antics in the oval office or on the campaign trail?  As I said, I don't understand politics or women.

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